Do you have business documents, important items or product(s) to deliver in an express, reliable, safe, cost-effective and professional ways within the length and breadth of Lagos but haven’t the time to do it yourself neither have you seen a firm with such characteristics to handle it?

At one point or the other, we all might have required or wished to have had the services of a courier firm to speedily, dependably and safely deliver an item or documents within the bustling city of Lagos. The need for someone to assist in dropping off or picking up an item is synonymous to all and sundry especially among people with a busy work schedule and who lack the luxury of time to do it themselves.

The obvious reality is that courier services are a piece of our liveliness, but people still shy away from patronizing them. Perhaps due to lack of information of the vast benefits the services provide or due to the notion that it is an expensive service to hire.

Courier services are very helpful and offers enormous benefits to both individuals and organisations. There are different courier firms in Lagos and each has its own operational strategies and procedures but the focus of this write up is to x-ray the benefits that you stand to enjoy when you patronize iConcierge delivery service(s). See below some of the benefits:

Item safety:

At iConcierge, safe delivery of an item is of utmost priority. We don’t just engage in delivering, we personalize what is to be delivered; giving it the same care and attention we would give to what is ours. Similarly, with our delivery team, you don’t need to get headache thinking whether the item(s) or package(s) arrived safely because it is in our business culture to ensure it does arrive safely.


Trust like respect is earned. As a result of the way and manner we handle our clients’ delivery over time, we have earned their trust and build a credible delivery reputation. This we have achieved, not only because of our safety of item policy but because we are reliable. You can be rest assured that your package(s) or item(s) that is being delivered is not tempered with and you can also count on us because we are consistent as well as being available 7 days in a week.

Save Time:

In modern era where a lot of things compete for our attentions and where it is becoming practically impossible to effectively run all our errands and at the same time execute all pending, and sometimes demanding tasks, iConcierge delivery team surely steps in to free time for her clients by saving them the stress of doing the running around (drop off and pick up) by themselves.

Save Money:

Some people have this notion that hiring a courier service within Lagos is waste of money but that isn’t true. Rather, it saves you a lot of money. There is a popular saying that says, “Time is money.” Hiring our courier saves you not just time but also money as it has shown over time that it is cost effective to use a courier service compared to doing it yourself especially for business, busy and professional focus people.

Trained Concierge Consultant:

At iConcierge, we don’t just provide courier service, we deliver quality service. By this I mean, we attached a trained consultant with the driver, who handles the whole delivery process and ensures it is not only delivered safely, timely but to the right address too. With the consultant attached, you are assured our professional handling of your item(s) or package(s) and efficient service delivery.

Above all, iConcierge delivery services offers satisfying benefits to our users, leaving them with a lasting positive impression. It worth stating too that business organisations or individuals who need delivery services on a regular basis, to deliver parcel, official documents or important items within Lagos are among the leading user of the service.

Compared to other courier services in town, our delivery primary virtue is its efficiency to render services and if you are looking for a fast, reliable and that efficient means of delivering a parcel or an item within Lagos, ours surely do offer that edge. We are just a phone call away (+234-2778913, +234-2778914 and +234-2778915). Place a call to schedule a pick up or a drop off and we procure your delivery information, and act on it.

You can subscribe to our monthly packages and enjoy other exciting services or call us for a one-off service at the best price in the market. Kindly check our website for more details: A trial will convince you!

Written by Ejiga Isaac.



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