“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit,” says Andrew Carnegie.

Ask any successful person who is enjoying an effective balance between work and none work life how they are able to achieve their goals while battling a diary full of commitments, a deluge of emails, continuous domestic chores that never cease coming and time to spend with friends and family members, and you will discover that they did not handle all their life tasks by themselves neither did they take all the credit.

With the hectic work life of Lagosians and the increasing demands of our time by other pressing, personal tasks, beside that of the workplace, it is becoming more overwhelming when you consider the number of tasks we are expected to accomplish and functions to attend, within the unchanging 24 hours. The pressure in modern workplace, the series of domestic chores begging for our attention plus the Lagos mad traffic, are all worrying factors increasing the stress of most of the working populace in the state.

In contemporary day, the demand for high performance is an uncompromising policy in every private driven establishment and to meet up with this policy, employees are expected to focus primarily on their core duties as opposed to merging them with their personal tasks and errands. As right as this is, it is however, unfortunate to say that is not the case in most organisations. The reality is that, some, if not most employees are found shuttling between work and personal tasks within the work hour thereby under-performing in their official duties, at the long run.

The attitude of employees’ jumping between work and personal tasks during work hour is becoming a worrisome issue in the workplace and some persons have lost their job due to this act. Not been focus on your core tasks in the workplace has adverse consequences: it brings about divided attention to work which result to distractions from core responsibility, poor execution of tasks, not meeting dead-line and poor performance in a general sense. In other words, the employee’s performance and productivity is affected badly and it tells on the growth of both the employee and the company.

Too many things compete for our attention every day and the truth remains that we cannot do everything by ourselves just as we cannot be everywhere at the same time. Both work and personal tasks are important but one must find how best to execute them effortlessly that none would suffer. One sure way to achieve this balance is to delegate tasks and functions.  In a broader sense and beyond the workplace, the rightful people to delegate important tasks to and worry less about the execution is a professional concierge firm.

Concierge firm like iConcierge for instance, takes up tasks, functions and challenges that are important to their clients thereby freeing ample time for them to stay focus to their most important tasks and functions. At iConcierge, we make it seamlessly possible for you to be in multiple place at the same time. How do we do it? When you subscribe to our services and you have three to five important tasks and functions to attend to, in a given day, including your official duties at work, we step in by deploying our well trained concierge officers to all your important tasks and functions, allowing you to stay focus on your core duties and when your tasks are executed, we update you as well as give you the opportunity to appraise the work done. At the end of the day, we assist you in achieving your goals.

The term Concierge, over the years, as assumed many meaning, depending on where it has been used, such as hotel concierge (the genesis of the term), hospital concierge, personal concierge, corporate concierge, etc. Traditionally, concierge could be defined as a person who has charge of the entrance of a building and is often the owner’s representative or an employee stationed in an apartment house lobby who screens visitors, controls operation of elevators, accepts deliveries to the tenants. But in modern day, a concierge could be define, in short, as a person who run professional errands on behalf of another person.

Concierge services like ours, handles tasks behalf of her clients by assisting them in attending to their tasks and functions (hotel/restaurant reservation, courier service, laundry drop off/pick up, vehicle paper renewal, airport pick up/drop off, grocery shopping, information research, relocation service, event planning/management, car maintenance/repair, bank errand, etc.) that are important but not core to what they do, thereby freeing time for them (the clients) to stay focus on their core competency.

Similarly, with our concierge services, apart from giving our client the luxury of time to do what they like doing most, without dissipating their energy, we offer cost-effective services, reduce stress and aid in improving productivity as well as performance, which in turn brings about recognition, reward and progression, both in our clients work and personal lives.

iConcierge is in the business of organizing people’s world by striving to create a balance between work and family life, and we work side-by-side with our clients, playing a key role in managing and organizing their itinerary.

The concierge service is truly a utility player who model service excellence, cutting across all corporate and retail market. The services aim at aiding people achieve immeasurable height and success in every facets of their life.

There is enormous wisdom in hiring our experience and well trained concierge officers today because you can accomplish lots more and save yourself the stress of doing things all by yourself. No successful business or personal life can be attained by doing everything by yourself. We all need assistance. Why not seek the right assistance today in iConcierge?

Written by Isaac Ejiga


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