These days, life is like speeding down a highway, but never ending.

Within the limited 86,400 seconds that we have in a day, too many things – work, family, friends and personal tasks/functions – continuously beg for our attention and most often we struggle to attend to all of them before the day come to a close. Within this period, there is always a temptation to do the things that we want to do first, rather than the things that we need to do. As Stephen R. Covey puts it, “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important,”

How can we learn to do the things we need to do first rather than the things we want to and how can we cultivate the habit of devoting more time to things that are core as oppose to things that are not? This is by simply by cultivating the act of prioritizing tasks.

By prioritizing i mean giving attention to things that matter most before completing alternatives or the least important ones. When you prioritize tasks and functions, you will not only arrival at which has high priority and which has low but which require urgent attention with outstanding anticipated result and which do not, and which will give you a tremendous result and which will give you less, and which to channel your time and energy to and which to delegate. Many people spend precious time and energy trying to be more efficient without first figuring what is most important that they need to do first and the least important that the need to assign.

To function effectively and productively in modern time where multiple things compete for our attention simultaneously, it is exceptionally crucial for one to embrace the act of putting this in their rightful orders according to importance or relevance. That is making a concerted effort to put in black and white all pending task. More like to do list. Note, it isn’t enough to put it in writing but very necessary to put them in their rightful orders as well as follow them religiously.

Do a mental ranking of your tasks and functions and place them in their order of importance. Let the most important that has the multiplier effect in terms of outcome be atop. By knowing and precisely arranging tasks/functions rightly, you will know where to concentrate your efforts. When you fail to do these, you become prone to dissipating energy and time completing unimportant tasks. But when you properly sort things out you will be able to adequately channel the right amount of time and energy to you thereby getting the desired result and accomplishing more. Brandon Sanderson puts it better when he says, “The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.”

The wise and organise minds put things in the proper order and execute them accordingly. Where emergencies arises, they make calculated adjustment to accommodate them base on their importance or priority.

There is a limit as to what you can achieve in a day if you are doing everything by yourself. In other words, you cannot accomplish much when you want to run through your daily tasks and functions all by yourself. But in assigning some of them free time for you to stay focus on what is more vital. You can free more time up for yourself today by getting others to do jobs for you! How? By outsourcing some of your important tasks and functions that compete with your time that you are supposed to use to efficiently attend to your most vital operations and activities.

The idea here is to delegate (hand over) any tasks that someone else can do – particularly if they can do them faster or just as well as you. And in looking for capable and professional hands to do these, the best option is turning to a concierge services. With a concierge services, your important works that are not core to what you do can be perfectly handle. For information on our concierge services, kindly check out our website: At iConcierge, we are committed to helping you relieve stress, save cost; enhance your performance, productivity and general performance.

While you prioritize your tasks and functions, you can trust on us to delegate others to like airport drop off and pick, courier, laundry drop off and pick up, apartment hunting, office relocation/movement service, grocery shopping, visa processing, car maintenance, etc.

Nobody can run round the clock all the time. We all need someone to assist so as to avoid burn out and under performance. Having someone attend to some of your duties will free more time for you to spend with family, friends and look after yourself. As you attend to only vital tasks with high priority we help you attend to other important but not core one thereby assisting you to stay physically and mentally fresh, enhance your efficiency, performance and productivity.

Remember, what counts is not the amount of time that you put in overall, but the amount of time that you spend working on important and worthwhile tasks. Don’t just make yourself busy, but be busy doing the things that matter most while we assist you in doing others.



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