iConcierge: We do these and lots more…


“Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful, and time is short,” says Adam Hochschild.

But the questions now are; how can you effectively handle the pile of work on your desk, manage other distractions that come along as well as free time for yourself to attend to personal, family and friends’ matters without suffering from burn out or under-utilization of your day?
The answers aren’t far-fetched.

What if I told you iConcierge could help you achieve the aforementioned? Why?
Because we thrive in taking up challenges on people’s behalf and providing expertise solutions to their needs. We will gladly take some of the stress out of your life by making your work simpler, reducing distractions to an insignificant level and give you the luxury of time so you will have opportunity to do other things.

How do we assist you in realizing all of these?
Simple! We deploy our concierge service that is synonymous with service excellence. Our delivery eagerly goes beyond our clients’ expectations to create a memorable experience through flawless service.

So, what can iConcierge do for you?
A lot!

Things We Do:

When you don’t have the time, we do.

We pick up gifts, back-to-school-supplies, household items, holiday shopping, clothing and accessories.

We will get you what you need and from your specified stores, delivered at a specified time by your personal concierge consultant.

We provide professional errand service, such as, laundry drop off and pick up, pick up of newspapers/magazine, drop off and pick up of mail from post office, prescription pick up and delivery, banking, courier service, car drop off and pick up from maintenance center of your choice.

We handle filing and mailing, pick up office supplies, deliver lunch, answer phones, pay bills, and more

We can source for apartment or office space and run apartment/office movement/relocation service for you.

Taking a vacation or going out of town? We provide travel arrangements: visa processing, ticket booking, hotel reservation, airport pick up and drop off and more. We will update you, so you can have a stress-free time.

We obtain tickets to concerts, special events and sporting events, locally or internationally.

We will help you with events planning and management, such as, weddings, birthdays, graduations, conference, end of the year get-together party and more. You plan, we run or we plan, you approve and we run! Why make it hectic!

We can arrange for transportation services – charter limousine, private jet, yachts or helicopter.

We source for talents and competent people on your behalf, to fill vacant positions in your establishment; we recruit!

You need Security? We’ll hire a security company to assist you.

We will assist you with business referral service – you need lawyer, architect or personal doctor? iConcierge has got you covered

We work on request base on personal need(s), peculiarity of the industry or sector as we are fully aware that no two individuals or organizational needs are identically the same. If you don’t see what you want listed, just ask us.

At iConcierge, we go the extra mile to getting things done for our clients and in serving them, we bring on board our professional training, personalize the task assigned and get things done within an acceptable turn-around time.
Why make your life harder by trying to do all the demanding tasks and functions that are not core to your competency? Why accumulate stress and undermine your efficiency, productivity and performance by channeling energy and time to things that does not directly enhance your purpose?

Let us take off you, the daunting, disturbing, and distractions that make your work difficult and your day shorter by aiding you in attending to those tasks and functions that are important to you but are not fundamental to what you do, and if need be, assign the fundamentals too and we will be delighted to attend to them.

What do you stand to enjoy? Apart from the things we can do for you as stated above, our services will further aid you to enhance your performance; increase your productivity, reduce burn out and also help you stay refresh as we take up other tasks and functions that previously compete for your time.

Similarly, we will help you save cost by providing cost effective solution through our one-on-one relationship we have built over time with our partners as well as our bargaining process. As for time, we free it for you by doing the running around on your behalf and importantly, deliver on or before dead line.

With iConcierge, the luxury of time isn’t a figment of an imagination but a practical reality within your reach. Use your 86,400 seconds in each day wisely by engaging in tasks that are primary in helping you fulfill your essential purposes in life as oppose to the ones that derail you from them.

We offer Corporate and Retail Concierge Services to help busy people with their time-management needs. However, you do not have to be busy to use our services, anyone can.

Our appellation “iConcierge…organizing your world” says it all about us.

Check out our website: http://www.iconciergehub.com and subscribe to our service today, and it will be our honour to organise not only your time but your whole world. For that’s all we delight in doing!



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