Corporate Concierge: Bringing Out The Best In Your Employees.

“Time is of the essence,” We often say. It is a precious commodity, and one that most of us do not have enough of. In today’s hyper-paced society, it seems that there are just not enough hours in the day, as we struggle to effectively execute our professional and personal tasks within the inflexible hours we have.

In this era, of aggressive and cutthroat competition amongst organizations, employees’ time are further reduced as they are made to work longer hours and under pressure, not only to perform but also to out-smart their competitors and maintain poll position in their respective industries. In an effort to achieve this height, many employees in the Nigerian business environment (private sector) work under inflexible schedules that do not make ample room for them to attend to their personal tasks and do not have quality time to spend with their family and friends.

Employees in this part of the world are faced with the “race against time” scenario thus, work their fingers into their bones to meet up with organizational tasks and goals, plus cope with the pressure to deliver before deadline and overcome challenges. In doing this, they get stressed up and eventually succumb to burn out which leads to reduced efficiency and fall in their productivity, with a corresponding effect on the company’s overall goal of attaining and/or maintaining industry lead.

As a way of addressing this issue, employers are progressively realizing the importance and benefits of corporate concierge services and are today applying them as employees’ benefits. These services are aimed at keeping the employees focus on their core competency and making them more productive thereby enhancing the overall performance of the organization.

By utilizing corporate concierge services organization will not only increase revenue, but also allow their staff to have more personal time. How does this work? A corporate concierge handles various personal and organizational needs – it handles administrative needs, provide professional/business support – it also helps employees plan their meetings, schedule appointments, pay bills and assist in relocation and movement. Other function performed by a corporate concierge are, apartment hunting, laundry drop off and pick up, ordering and delivery of goods, courier delivery, bank errands, grocery shopping, car maintenance, event planning, booking of hotels and restaurants, to mention a few.

A concierge service can help an organization accomplish lots more. For instance, hiring a corporate concierge can help your company reduce employees stress and burn out, multiply business efficiency, increase productivity, ensures a better work environment, boost loyalty and help employees stay focus on their core functions as opposed to worrying about their personal task that sometimes clash with their professional ones.

The benefits of concierge services are enormous and companies that bestow these benefits on their employees not only create a balanced and healthy working environment, but it also give the company an edge over others as it boosts productivity and job satisfaction.


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